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Top 3 best rhinoplasty surgeons

The ISAPS estimates that over a million nose jobs are carried out per year throughout the world. This technique has a success ratio that is higher than 96%. Such a rate is possible because of cutting-edge nose-correction devices, methods and skilled specialists. The doctor’s qualification and expertise are crucial for the best outcomes. Let’s find out which doctors have earned the name of the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the world and why.

Kim Sung Sik

Dr. Kim is South Korea’s best doctor in nose correction. Currently he is servicing patients in JK plasticsurgery centre and has expertise in anti-aging treatments, nose, face, and eye surgery. He holds a membership in the IAPS and 4 Korean assοciations of aesthetic medicine.

Kim also performs a laser-assisted nose job. Since operation with laser does not involve opened cuts, there is less inflamation. The surgical outcome is pre-planned utilizing 3D imaging technologies. 97% of patients are happy with the outcomes.

Today this specialist performs many operations on both males and females. He rightly notes that different approaches have to be used for different sexes and if a straight nose line should be emphasized for men, for females it is better to have a curved snoot. The doctor also points out that the result should be as harmonious as possible with the rest of the organs on a person’s face.

Bulent Cihantimur

Dr. Bulent or just “Dr. B” is undoubtedly the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, as evidenced by many rewards. Through years of hard practice and dedication, his techniques and skills brought him many rewards in the past 2 decades. He was given the “Golden Scalpel Award” – in medicine, which can be compared to the “Οscar”. Currently, B operates as head physician and CEO of Εstetik Ιnternational.

Dr. B brought cosmetic surgery to a new level because of the procedures he created and applied. One of them is the Basic Nose Job. Patients frequently visit him for secondary jobs- this is carried out to remedy earlier surgery’s disappointing results. B has been repeatedly acknowledged as the best nose job doctor by the Tatway Academy for his high-quality service to clients from all continents.

Vicente Palοma Mοra

This is the best nose job doctor in Spain. His core is a difficult primary and revision nose job. In 2018-19, he was named to Fοrbes magazine’s list of the best Spanish doctors. He has over 30 years of practice.

He opened his institution, where he conducts a variety of procedures in the field of  cosmetology and aestetic medicine. This institution is deemed to be the first center for plastic reshaping to be opened on Catalan territory.

Vicente Paloma Mora believes the main objective of his work is to accomplish realistic anticipations from reshaping. That is why he always provides his clients with a 3D model of the reshaping outcome. Also during the consultations, he explains in detail how the operation will be carried out and what he will do. So all clients understand in advance what kind of result they can expect.

The costs of nose correction

The price for a nose job is determined by the surgery’s difficulty and method. An operation carried out by the best rhinoplasty doctor will be more costly than a standard one. Also, the costs depend on the country. For instance:

  •  In Turkish clinics, it is not less than $1,900.
  • In South Korea, the cost of reshaping is not less than $2,000.
  • In Spain, the nose job is quite expensive and will cost at least $5,500.

In Korean and Turkish clinics, foreign patients are offered package deals. Such programs include hospitalization, medicines, supplies, meals, services of interpreters, and other services.

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