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Cheap Brazilian Butt Lift: Where to Get an Affordable Operation

Brazilian butt lift procedure or BBL has gained popularity in the last years as more people strive for a fuller and curvier backside. However, one major barrier that many potential patients face is the high cost associated with this surgery. Below we will consider the top 5 places where you can get inexpensive Brazilian butt lifts. These places offer competitive prices without compromising on quality, making them popular choices for patients looking for cost-effective options for enhancing their body contours.


Turkey has emerged as a leading center for medtourism, including operations like butt lifts. The affordability of BBLs in Turkey is a major draw for individuals from other places. Not only are the costs generally lower than in other places, but Turkey also boasts a high standard of healthcare infrastructure and reputed medical practitioners.

Some notable institutions in Turkey that specialize in BBLs include Adem & Havva Medical Center, Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center and Estetik International with costs starting at $3,500. These facilities have highly experienced surgeons who can help you get the desired results while ensuring your safety.


This country has long been a favored place for medtourism due to its low costs and proximity to the USA. It has competitive pricing for BBL, attracting a large number of patients seeking cost-effective options. Mexican clinics are famous for providing high-quality cosmetic procedures, making them a popular choice for many individuals. Reputable clinics in Mexico offering BBLs include Salutaris Medical Center, and Dr. Arturo Munoz Meza Center with costs of $4,500.


Czechia is rapidly gaining popularity as a medtourism destination, offering affordable options for various cosmetic surgeries, including BBL. While the cost of living in the country is generally lower contrasted to other EU nations, the quality of healthcare remains exceptional.

When choosing a BBL in the Czech Republic, seek out established clinics or doctors with extensive expertise in performing the operation. Czech clinics, specializing in BBLs, include FORME Clinic with the cheapest price of $4,800. This is where doctors prioritize patient safety and aim to deliver outstanding outcomes.


Poland has recently witnessed a rise in medtourism, thanks to its non-expensive yet high-quality medicine. Here clinics offer competitive pricing for BBL, starting at $3,900. Polish clinics employ skilled surgeons who adhere to strict safety protocols and offer exceptional care to patients. The most outstanding Polish facility for BBL is KCM Cliniс. This clinic is known for its expertise in delivering natural-looking results with an emphasis on patient satisfaction.


Lithuania offers economical prices while maintaining high-quality standards in medical care. With a focus on patient safety and excellent surgical outcomes, Lithuania is an ideal choice for many individuals seeking an inexpensive BBL.

When considering a BBL in Lithuania, you can select Fi Clinica, well-regarded for their expertise in performing BBLs and its commitment to artistic results with patient well-being as a priority. The bottom costs for butt lift in Lithuanian clinics start at $3,000. This is highly affordable contrasted to $10,000 on average for operation asked by the cheapest place to get a BBL in USA.

The bottom line

Finding an inexpensive butt lift is possible. However, it is essential to research thoroughly, choose reputed clinics or surgeons, and consider all factors before making a decision. By doing so, you can enhance your body contours and achieve the desired results while ensuring your safety and satisfaction. You can contact our coordinators at Eternity Life Tourism, and we will assist you to choose the most suitable options based on your expectations.

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