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Toothache Types, Causes and Therapy 

Toothache – discomfort in teeth or gums around it, both minor – slight uncomfortable feeling, and barely tolerable. Toothache can be provoked by gums surface irritation disappearing after a while, and the pain subsides – toothbrush bristles are too stiff, solid food pieces stuck between the teeth, and the like. More serious and strong aches can be caused by a bacterial infection, broken tooth, tooth surface hole, etc.

Toothache types

  1. Acute – ache appears suddenly and manifests itself very intensely.
  2. Aching – prolonged feeling with low intensity, which doesn’t stop after a while.
  3. Pulsating – root of such ache is an abscess – purulent inflammation being identified by swollen gums and cheeks becoming bright rosy.

Toothache reasons 

  1. Carious tooth damage.
  2. Abscess – infection located in the tooth center, rapidly progressing and provoking purulent inflammation.
  3. Seal integrity violations – foreign particles get inside the tooth.
  4. Constant strong teeth clenching or grinding – tooth surface is erased.
  5. Gums infection.
  6. Period after tooth extraction or when a new tooth appears is wisdom teeth.

Toothache symptoms

Ache can manifest itself constantly or with some kind of tooth impact – pressure, for example, when biting off food. Symptomatology looks like:

  • area around the tooth is swollen;
  • headache or fever occur;
  • tooth is infected – it and the area around have a disgusting aftertaste;
  • unpleasant odor from the oral cavity;
  • severe inflammation – difficulty swallowing and breathing.

Toothache diagnosis 

Firstly, the doctor asks the patient about the ache nature, how long it has been manifesting itself, and others. Next, the dentist conducts a thorough oral cavity examination. To assess the condition and teeth roots, the patient is assigned an X-ray.

Toothache way of treatment

If there’s a cavity in the tooth, doctors fill it with a filling substance or remove the tooth if it’s completely affected.

  1. Toothache treatments aimed at root canal restoring – affected pulp is removed and replaced with a filling – intervention is required if a nerve is infected.
  2. Antibiotics are prescribed in the high fever or severe jaw swelling presence. Foreign particles stuck under the gum provoking serious inflammation – dentist cleans it and places the meds.

With minor and short-term ache caused by local gum surface irritation, you can eliminate the pain yourself.

  1. Rinsing the mouth with a warm solution of salt or soda in water.
  2. Flushing with peroxide prevents possible bacterial interference.
  3. In the edema presence – cold compresses.
  4. Pain relievers – ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.
  5. Rinse with clove pomace or apply a swab soaked in such a liquid to the painful area.
  6. Applying an alcohol-based vanilla extract to gum.
  7. Applying a brewed peppermint tea bag to the affected area.

Above can also be resorted to if you cannot see a dentist soon for professional toothache treatment.