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Dissolving heart stents

Dissolving heart stents

Stent is inserted inside blocked arteries to help it carry out its functions. Once normal bloodflow is restored, stents are no longer needed. Dissolving heart stents totally disappear within about 3 years. According to principles of its action, stents can be compared to a plaster cast, which is applied to a broken bone. The cast helps provide support and proper structure until the bone is fully restored. The same applies to stents, which is necessary for therapies and reconstruction of damaged arteries.

Abbott Absorb is the only totally dissolvable stents approved for coronary artery ailments.

Insertion of dissolving stents

A dissolvable stent with a balloon is put into vessel using catheter. Then stent expands to walls of the artery, literally, is pressed into them, providing free circulation of blood. Stents contain a medicine that is released over time – it’s how affected area of ​​vessel is cured.

Placement of such stents is similar to artery bypass grafting performed through a catheter in vessel in wrists or groin.

  • For several months, a stent placed in affected segment must keep open.
  • Then, stent absolutely disappears. Microscopic metal markers remain in artery so future doctors can identify where stent was placed.

As the stent dissolves, new cells form in its place. Thus, after stent disappears, artery will be able to flex again and move on its own.

A dissolvable or bioresorbable stent differs from a metal one in following characteristic: it disappears naturally, that is, it doesn’t need to be artificially taken off and doesn’t stay in body constantly.

Advantages of dissolving stents

Foreign materials in the body can cause inflammatory processes. It’s fraught with the formation of blood clots blocking blood flow through arteries, or the appearance of plaques also clogging the vessel. Absorbable stents help the arteries return to their natural condition, and not just maintain its function.

After stenting, patients need to take special drugs in order to reduce blood clotting. In a few days after discharge, it is not recommended to overload the body, in particular, to perform intense physical exercises and carry heavy loads.

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