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Annuloplasty system

In some cases, the pathology of the functionality of the heart valves requires surgeries to eliminate it. Operations on heart valves are divided into 2 types: plastic and prosthetics. Heart valve replacement and restoration are reconstructive surgeries helping preserve them. Annuloplasty system is a device that is placed around a failed heart valve to help restore blood flow. The device is used to tighten damaged petals and restore the tightness of the valve along with performance. They come in the form of flexible bands or rings, which makes it possible to adapt to the dimensions of the ring and eliminates the need to select a specific size.

What are the benefits of the cardioband annuloplasty systems?

Consider the advantages of choosing a reconstructive operation:

  • a high percentage of patient survival;
  • complications, infections and thromboembolism occur less frequently;
  • there is no need to take antiplatelet agents and anticoagulants.

The Profile 3D™ Annuloplasty Ring was created with sophisticated highly-technological anatomical models. Results are a fully-rigid reshaping ring with an interesting asymmetrical 3D-design that is based on research. It is designed to preserve mitral annulus dimensions.

Saddle shape correction

Mitral annulus is a saddle-structure with a suitable col height in the anterior annulus and an additional rise along the leaflet.

Anatomical shape

Profile 3D™ device has 25%-anterior-curvature and 15%-posterior-curvature.

Clear and high quality implant

The device is made of knitwear and a titanium-silicone core, which ensures precision and durable suturing.

Remodeling ring for mitral valve

Profile 3D™ development for mitral annuloplasty was created with Drs. J. Gorman, R. Gorman, and others (Pennsylvania Hospital). When created, the most accurate research data was used, which helped to ensure next-mentioned characteristics:

  • rigid annular reconstruction;
  • perfectly fitting asymmetrical 3D-ring construct;
  • 25% AHCWR front, 15% AHCWR rear;
  • shapes that are based on anatomical features;
  • knitted fabric made of a special titanium-silicone coating;
  • 9 special sizes to suit different applications.

Such types of surgical interventions are very complex, so they are performed only by highly qualified surgeons.

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