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Medical Tourism in Serbia

Health tourism has grown in popularity in the last decade as patients seek safe therapeutic solutions at reasonable pricing. Serbia, noted for its well-developed treatment infrastructure, trained workers, and cost-effective therapy alternatives, is one emerging place for foreign patients. In this article, we will look at the various facets of treatment in Serbia, with a focus on the economy it provides.

Things you need to know about Serbian medicine for foreigners

Each year, from 40,000 to 60,000 medical tourists visit Serbian clinics. According to the National Association of Travel Agencies (YUTA), the number of foreigners visiting the country to get therapy has increased from 10% to 15% per year, with current estimates ranging between 40,000 and 60,000 per year. And here are reasons why.

  • Serbia boasts a robust health care system that features a variety of protocols.
  • All solutions are provided according to EU and world standards.
  • The access to the newest tech achievements ensures top-notch cure.
  • From elective surgeries to specialized therapies, there is a full array of services.
  • Health service is cheaper up to 50% in relation to other places.
  • Most clinics cooperate with cross-border insurance companies.
  • The cities Belgrade and Nis are linked with cities from the region and the other cities in the EU through easy air connection.

Serbia is the undiscovered gem of Europe. But despite the fact, that the country is not yet so famous among medical tourists, it is worth consideration. The country is safe and adheres to EU standards in healthcare, often incorporating guidelines from cross-border medical associations. Many health specialists have undergone training or specialization in Western Europe or the United States. Combined with picturesque country retreats, where tourists can recover and recuperate amid fresh air and beautiful settings, this is the perfect recipe for a great value treatment trip.

Serbia has a long history of applying surgery to address cosmetic defects and beautify the human body. The local clinics provide services comparable to those offered by the world’s most prestigious clinics, and will help rejuvenate and improve your face and body, including breast enlargement, lift and reduction surgeries, abdominoplasty, liposuction, skin tumor removal, and facial scar and burn treatment, as well as plastic and aesthetic surgeries of the face and neck, with full presurgical preparation. Local clinics and operations include state-of-the-art operating rooms with comprehensive monitoring and continual supervision by physicians and nurses.

The most widely applied offers in terms of medical tourism in Serbia are these:

  • Facelift or facial rejuvenation;
  • Rhinoplasty;
  • Breast augmentation;
  • Liposuction;
  • Abdominoplasty;
  • Bariatric plastic surgery;
  • Chemical peel;
  • Botox.

The greatest demand is for orthopedic, and cardiac services, as well as rehabilitation in spa centers. Serbia is home to approximately 1.000 cold and warm mineral water springs, as well as an abundance of therapeutic mud. Spa therapies, which entail drinking medicinal water or taking medicinal baths, have been modified to treat a wide range of health problems and disorders in over 53 thermal regions which even ancient Romans had enjoyed. Serbia features “climatic spas” that have been classified as health resorts due to their favorable climate and geolocation.

Cost of Medical Treatment in Serbia

One of the primary facets of Serbian medicine is the therapy’s cost-effectiveness. When contrasted to other EU or North American countries, one should expect to pay 50-70% less for most operations. This cost advantage extends across various specialties. Teeth treatments can be $100 – $500, while more sophisticated operations, such as knee arthroplasty, might cost $4,000 – $7,000. Cosmetic operations range in price from $1,000 to $5,000, based on the complexity. This affordability factor makes it accessible for individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds to access necessary care without economic burden.

The bottom line

Serbia has emerged as a prominent medical hub due to its exceptional health care infrastructure and cost-effective therapeutic options. Individuals can benefit from the mix of high-standard therapy and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s seeking specialized surgeries or wellness procedures, Serbian clinics provide a compelling option for those in need of medical care.

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