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Affordable healthcare options in Serbia

Recently, the cost of medicine has been a rising concern for many persons and families worldwide. In Serbia, access to inexpensive health care is of paramount importance. Read on to explore medical options available across the country.

Public Health Infrastructure

The Serbian public health structure serves as the backbone of accessible medicine for its citizens. It has crucial services, such as inpatient treatments, and medication, at subsidized rates or free of charge. The government’s commitment to ensuring the protection and improvement of health for all has resulted in a large network of public facilities across the nation.


Almost all Serbians are covered by compulsory insurance schemes via their employment or social security contributions. These plans cover a wide range of therapies, including specialist consultations, diagnostics, surgeries, and drugs. However, the insurances may also be covered via the bilateral treaties between the homecountry of the patient and Serbian medical system.

The list below includes countries that have such treaties with Serbia:

  • Austrians, Belgians, Bosnians and Herzegovinians, Croatians, Czechs, French, German, Luxembourg, Dutch people, Italians, and Macedonians have their medical bills covered.
  • Swiss and Scandinavian citizens may seek repayment for outpays incurred in Serbian clinics.
  • For Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovakian, and British people, health care expenses are paid in the nation where they are temporarily residing.

Primary Care Centers

These centers serve as the first point of contact between individuals and the health system. These centers offer a number of preventive services, check-ups, and therapy for common illnesses and minor injuries. They play a vital role in promoting early diagnosis and timely intervention while keeping healthcare costs inexpensive.

Generic Medications

One key aspect adding to cheap medicine in Serbian clinics is the availability of generic drugs. Generic drugs have similar efficacy and safety profiles as their branded counterparts but at significantly lower prices. Their use not only reduces the monetary burden on patients but also ensures access to essential treatments without compromising on quality.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across the country play an active role in delivering cheap health services to vulnerable populations. These NGOs focus on specific states, such as mental health disorders, and work towards bridging the gaps in health care access and affordability. They offer consultations, treatments, and support programs that cater to the unique needs of their target beneficiaries.


In the Serbian medical structure, inexpensive solutions are available through the robust health infrastructure, comprehensive coverage schemes, primary care centers, generic drugs, and the efforts of non-governmental organizations. This is the way everyone can receive quality care without undue economic strain.

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