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How Much Is a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Loss of hair can bear a great impact on an individual’s self-esteem. For those looking for long-lasting solutions, hair restoration has emerged as a viable option. This medical procedure involves taking tunnel-shaped structures in the epidermis (outer layer) of the skin called follicles from one part of the body to the areas affected by balding. Over the years, this surgery has gained great popularity as an efficient solution for hair loss. In recent times, Turkey has emerged as one of the leading countries for transpanting hair due to its ultra-modern technologies, skilled doctors, and inexpensive prices. Read on to discover Turkey hair transplant cost and a brief description of the operation.

Overview of the procedure

2 main types of the operation are as follows:

  1. Strip approach or FUT: taking a skin strip from the other parts of the body. Follicles are then taken off from that piece and taken to the recipient sites.
  2. FUE: a more advanced technique that means extracting separate follicles right from the donor site using a tiny punch tool. They are then put into the needed sites.

Prior to surgery, doctors will learn about your hair loss pattern, overall health, and talk about your expectations. Additionally, you may be advised to avoid certain medications or habits that could interfere with the procedure’s success.

On the day of the operation, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the areas that will be engaged in the operation. The surgeon will take off hairs and implant them into the necessary sites. The time of the procedure is subject to the quantity of hairs to be implanted, varying from a few hours to several sessions spread over multiple days.

After an operation, it is normal to experience some pain, swelling, and minor bleeding. Your doctor will give recommendations, which may include the use of prescription drugs, proper scalp care, and refusing from strenuous activities for a few weeks. It is crucial to follow them to guarantee effective healing and minimize the likelihood of any issues.

Hair transplants carry a few risks and possible issues. These are infections, scarrings, non-even hair growth, or the risk of the moved hair follicles not surviving. However, these problems are rare and can be bypassed by choosing a reputed specialist.

Hair transplanting offers long-lasting and realistic outcomes. However, it is crucial to have realistic expectations. Hair growth will occur gradually over approx. 10-15 weeks, and it may take up to a year to see the full outcomes. It should be taken into consideration that hair transplanting does not stop future hair loss or the progression of baldness.

A brief review of costs

A number of things define the cost of surgery. These include:

  • Quality and level: The good name of the institution puts the higher price of the operation.
  • Repute and years of practice of the doctor: The expertise of the doctor performing the operation can also greatly grow up the cost.
  • Difficulty: The more hairs necessitated, the higher the pricing of the operation.
  • Methods: Hair transplanting ways have evolved over the years, with modern approaches such as Follicular Unit Extraction gaining ground. Clinics offering these newest methods may charge higher fees compared to those using widely used methods.
  • Extra services provided: Some clinics offer extra services and accommodations as part of their package.

Hair restoration in Turkish clinics is quite inexpensive. The cost here can be significantly lower due to lower overhead expenses and the country’s popularity as a medtourism destination.

The bottom prices start at 900 USD. 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey may be as high as to 4,500 USD.

Below you can see the approx. pricing of different hair restoration types available in Turkey:

  • FUE – 1,500 USD
  • Organic – 1,400 USD
  • Unshaven – 1,300 USD
  • Female – 850 USD
  • Afro – 1,100 USD

*These costs are approximate. You can submit a request on the Eternity Life Tourism website, and our manager will inform you about the final pricing and propose a clinic that best fits your expectations.

Things to consider when choosing a clinic in Turkey

  • Accreditation and certifications: Ensure that the clinic is accredited and follows international criteria for patient safety and care.
  • Before and after photos: Request to see before and after photos of patients who did surgeries there. This will give you an idea of the clinic’s standing.
  • Feedback: Read reviews and testimonials from patients to get a better understanding of their experiences at the institution.
  • Service: The support provided before, during, and after the operation is highly crucial during the operation.

It is advisable to consult with Eternity Life Tourism coordinators and discuss all the cost factors beforehand to make an informed decision.

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