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5 most curable cancers – survival rates and treatments

Discussing cancer therapy methods, it’s needed to distinguish between 3 basic conditions of this disease: cancers, which can be cured by surgeries if it’s detected at a stage when metastases haven’t yet spread throughout the body; formations for which chemo-therapy and/or radio-therapy might increase chances of cure after surgically-applied interventions; those malignant tumors being cured if they are metastasized.

Nevertheless, what is the most curable cancer? A predominant part of cancer types, except those affecting the blood and hematopoietic system, can be removed and cured if diagnosed before the tumor metastasizes. Some tumors tend to appear early, either because they can be identified visually (on the skin) or because they cause alarming symptoms (pain when swallowing, pain in the bladder, etc.). Below we’ll look at 5 most treatable cancers being most responsive to therapies with timely diagnosis and correct therapeutic approach.

What are the most curable cancers: skin cancer

It can be added to most curable cancers. Therapies for this disease and precancerous lesions vary in scope and intensity based on its sizes, types and location. Types of such malicious tumors being tiny and not spread out of skin can not need treatment other than initial skin biopsies when all growths are removed. Among other treatment methods, the most commonly-used are next-mentioned.

  1. Cryotherapy. Physicians destroy small-in-size cancers in their first stages by cooling using nitrogen (cryo-surgery). Dead tissues fall off being thawed.
  2. Excisional surgical interventions. Cancerous tissues are excised and removed. Sometimes, it can be needed to remove some of healthy parts surrounding the tumor.
  3. Mohs operation. It’s intended for hard-to-treat cancers. During the operation, doctors remove the growth layer-by-layer and examine each using a microscope.
  4. Scraping. Doctors scrape away cells layers with a round blade device. Electrically-operating needle is used to destroy any remaining cells. In one interpretation, doctors use nitrogen in liquid form to frost the base and edges of treated areas.
  5. Radio-therapy: powerful beams of energy aimed at destroying cancer cells.
  6. Chemo-therapy. Chemo-therapy uses meds to kill malicious cells.

Mammary cancers

Thus, what’s the most curable cancer? As statistics show, this one. Therapy selection for this type depends on ailment’s manifestation and degree of metastases spreading.

  1. Surgery; sometimes, complete breast removal is necessary.
  2. Chemo-therapy evolves special meds to reduce tumor size and eliminate it.
  3. Hormonal therapeutic methods.
  4. Bio-therapy: it interacts with body’s immune system to help it fight cancer.
  5. Radio-therapy.

Alternative medicine is used in addition to standard one. Examples of it include acupuncture and various supplements: vitamins and herbs.

Testicular cancers

Treating testicular carcinoma, surgical interventions and chemo-therapy are often needed. Of course, physicians choose therapies considering tumor type and its progress stage.

  1. Surgical manipulations to remove a testicle. To remove the testicle, surgeons make incisions in the groin. Entire testicle is removed through the hole.
  2. Chemo-therapy. Chemo-therapy drugs pass through the body and can destroy cancer cells spread beyond.
  3. Radio-therapy.
  4. Immuno-therapy: drug therapies helping body’s immune system destroy malicious cells.

Thyroid cancers

Treatments doctors choose depend on tumor type, progress stage, and how far it has spread. Thyroid gland removal in a surgical way is the main cure for it. Physicians usually evolve radioactive iodine therapy after surgery to destroy remaining thyroid tissue.

Lymph nodes in the neck and other tissues, incl. the four parathyroid glands, may also be removed. If the surgeon removes the thyroid gland, people then need to get synthetic hormones daily to reimburse ones no longer produced.

Radioactive iodine is used to permanently destroy malignant cells. It’s an isotope of iodine emitting radiation. Thyroid cells absorb iodine, where it begins to destroy them. Additionally, chemo-therapy may be prescribed.

Prostate cancer

This category of low-grade cancer may not need immediate treatment. Sometimes, treatment may not be needed at all. Instead, doctors actively monitor the patient. Particularly, regular follow-up blood tests, digital prostate and rectal examinations and biopsy to monitor progression. If tests show the ailment has progressed, surgery or radio-therapy may be used.

Cryoablation or cryo-therapy for prostate cancer involves using very cold gas to freeze prostate tissue. Fabric is allowed to cool and the process is repeated. Freeze-thaw cycles destroy malicious cells and some surrounding tissues.

Despite the fact that doctors can indicate the most curable cancer type, it should be noted again that the success and intensity of therapies for any type of cancer depends on tumor size, degree of its aggressiveness and the number of metastases. Timely medical intervention may significantly increase chances of cure and make the side effects of therapy less pronounced.

What are TOP-5 most curable types of cancer?

Thus, the types of cancers being predominantly responsive to therapies are thyroid, skin, breast, testicular and prostate ones.

Which cancer treatment has the highest survival rate?

Mostly-demonstrated successful results are after chemo-therapy, radio-therapy and surgery. Sometimes, doctors may prescribe the combined use of surgery and one or another therapy to permanently remove malicious cells.

Which of 5 most common cancers has the highest survival rate?

Mammary one is the most curable cancer. Sometimes, physicians remove the breast completely; it can prevent the ailment from returning and spreading through around.

What are the TOP-3 most survivable cancers?

So, which cancers are most curable? Breast one, skin and prostate cancer. In each individual case, the effectiveness of therapy depends on the nature and size of the tumor, and the number of metastases.

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