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Istanbul Advantages for Medical Services

During the past years, more people are interested in medical tourism in Turkey, consequently, hospitals, governance agencies and other enterprises decided to develop this destination. Medical tourism concept was firmly integrated into Turkey’s overall import structure and became a considerable aspect of it. Great interest in this sphere contributed to the fact Turkey in medical tourism became a world leader in efficiency and innovation in therapeutic methods and health preservation.

By involving the population, Turkey has been able to achieve industrial independence by producing goods needed for healthcare, such as medicines, vaccines, and gadgets. Turkey has a significant status in the transplantation sector in important areas such as bone marrow, kidney, and liver transplantation.

According to experts, treatment in Turkey is distinguished by loyal prices for services, high quality and support from officials. This contributes to positive forecasts for increasing income from such tourism and further development.

What status does Turkey possess in global med tourism?

Data for 2020 showed the medical tourism industry in Turkey attracted a significant number of people, reaching 1 million. Accordingly, Turkey received a considerable income – more than three billion dollars. Below, we’ll look at why Istanbul became a medicinal tourism hub.

Istanbul – a center of effective therapeutic methods

Why exactly Istanbul? Below we list substantial advantages of medical services in Istanbul:

High-quality medical equipment

Thus, why should you go to Istanbul for medical treatment? Medical facilities there are distinguished by the greatest hardware and service quality provided. Istanbul gained wide popularity among European tourists, particularly, from Ukraine, Holland, and Arab and Middle East territories.

Turkey strives to bring communal and proprietary medicinal structures in line with European norms. Thus, strict criteria for medical facilities quality in Istanbul, and high technological requirements were introduced. The Health Ministry, cooperating with commercial organizations, is working hard to create local regulations for clinical companies, hospitals and individual physicians.

Nearly 55% of Turkish hospitals are under Ministry control, and 1200+ are run by private structures, foreign enterprises and educational establishments. Many hospitals got international level certificates. Additionally, many facilities join Western groups.

Istanbul hospitals

Hundreds of medical institutions are JCI accredited. The services provided by Turkish institutions within the framework of medical tourism are firmly supported by innovative technological solutions. The staff working with medical tourists has considerable experience; 35+% of them were trained in Western countries.

International patients in Turkey receive effective support and professional advice. Choosing Turkey for treatment means putting yourself in the hands of experienced doctors who can skillfully put into practice a combination of traditional knowledge, professional skills, and new developments.

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