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Remote Telesurgery

Dec 7, 2022

Remote surgery is an innovative therapeutic method implemented using cordless network technologies, providing direct communication between patients and doctors located far from each other. Main strength of telesurgery is availability of an expanded range of opportunities, in particular, work with geographical reachless and a deficiency of doctors, minimization of financial expenses, etc. This innovative development...

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Medical treatment in Dubai/UAE

Service quality, professionalism of physicians and innovative high-tech equipment in this industry are great motivators for foreigners who are looking for therapies abroad. Medical treatment in Dubai/UAE is included in list of 10 popular destinations in the world, and is rising to the top positions more and more quickly. The best specialists work here, many...

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Top 10 reasons to use Thailand for Medical treatment

Hundreds of people turn to medical treatment in Thailand. It’s due to excellent service, availability of highly qualified experts and the openness of the local medical community to the adoption of new technological solutions, and all kinds of assistance to industry improvement at world level. Affordable cost of medical treatment in Thailand Thus, how much...

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Top 5 deadliest cancers

Today, in global medical community, special attention is paid to study and research for effective therapeutic methods to combat cancer. Several types of this pathology are treatable. Nevertheless, cancer is the second leading root of death in America after heart ailments. Below we will look at the most dangerous types of cancer, whether they can...

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Cosmetic Surgery Capital of the World – South Korea

Oct 21, 2022

South Korea is the global plastic surgery capital. The state earned this title thanks to professionalism of physicians and incredible precision of specialists who make patients perfect. During the year, doctors perform about a million operations, according to statistics, a fairly large percentage of patients are foreigners. So why does South Korea remain the worldly-known...

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How to Choose High Quality Vitamins and Supplements

Oct 12, 2022

Nutritional supplements are used to “deliver” more nutriments to the body that it may lack for one reason or another. The market for nutritional substances is quite diverse and wide: from vitamins in a separate form to various mixtures. Due to the fact that this market niche has no clear regulation and isn’t subject to...

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Hair loss: causes and treatment

Oct 7, 2022

Hair loss occurs all over the body or affects the scalp. Hair can fall out constantly or with a certain frequency. This problem is more frequently-met in men. Causes of hair loss for women and men Hairs loss can be forced by one or more of next-mentioned. Hereditary predisposition. If one of the relatives suffered...

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New methods for total hip replacement

Oct 6, 2022

Mostly, people suffering from hip joint arthritis, doctors prescribe medication. In addition, the load on the joint, and, accordingly, the pain in it, can be reduced through physiotherapy exercises and by reducing the total body weight. If the person experiences unbearable ache and treatment does not work, hip replacement is prescribed. Complete replacement disappears pains...

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What is the life expectancy for lung cancer at different stages?

Oct 4, 2022

According to the WHO, every year lung cancer is detected in two million patients. How long do people with lung cancer live? Stage 0 lung cancer is curable: malignant cells are present only in the lining of the lung. Patients with the “in situ” stage are assigned a wedge resection, in which the surgeon removes...

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Cardiac angiosarcoma: methods to detect and defeat

Sep 28, 2022

Angiosarcoma of the heart is infrequently met pathology, which, according to statistics, is detected in about 10% of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The pathology is hard to cure, because it has an aggressive nature, and it gives a large number of metastases quickly. What is cardiac angiosarcoma? It appears in inner linings of blood...

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