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Treatment in Turkey

Medical industry in Turkey is constantly developing and improving. Many major American hospitals are actively cooperating with local establishments. Experts from other states arrive here to improve professional skills and get new expertise, advanced versions of appliances and innovative therapeutic methodologies are used there. Medical tourism in Turkey is recognized as one of the best, efficient and high quality globally.As official figures say, people seeking medical services there’ll be at least 2 million. All-round state support and considerable private investments also contribute to this in every way: about 40% of all local institutions are private. Main spheres of medical treatments in Turkey are transplantology, oncological field and cardiology.

Cost of treatment in Turkey

Costs of medical treatment in Turkey are 20% less in Israeli or German clinics. Price of services corresponds to effectiveness of therapies. State possesses a leadership price-and-quality ratio for the last 10-year-period. Also, many clinics offer packages of services, which include consultations, therapies, accommodation, etc. They are extremely common-used because there is a discount in complex, and entire therapy process is even less.

Dental business in Turkey

Turkish establishments use innovative technologies and provide all types of therapies. Physicians even carry out lumineers installation - a new generation of veneers, the thickness of which is only 0.2-0.3 mm. Additionally to providing a radiant smile, they help hide fractures in enamel, bumps and spots. Long-lasting zirconia veneers having a porcellaneous framework are also available.Famous establishment providing dental surgery in Turkey is Estethica. Latest materials are used here with a lifetime-period of guarantee. Its specialists restore jaws, straighten teeth and correct bite.

Cancer treatment in Turkey

State recorded a unique percentage of successful therapies of most types of cancerogenic diseases. This, particularly, contributes to the following: Turkish establishments also carry out bone marrow implantation using autologous and allogeneic cells. Success rate is 90% in adults and 95% in children.

Benefits of Turkey: top hospitals

42 establishments are approved by JCI. This approbation confirms the competence of physicians, clinical facilities and safety mechanisms follow all required global guidelines. State has surpassed Israel in terms of level of medical services. Best establishments for therapies for foreign citizens:


Medical tourists treatment in Turkey is famous for its IVF centers and competent experts in this field. Particularly, the greatest number of foreigners is received by Memorial Hospital; it has shown a great level of IVF success. Turkish reproductive experts were first to use ICSI technologies. In total, 6,000+ IVFs’ve been carried out there in the last 7-year-period.

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