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Treatment in Thailand

Annually, 1 million persons travels for medical tourism in Thailand. It’s actively developing and constantly improving direction: clinics purchase and use updated versions of appliances, introduce innovative therapeutic techniques and modernized technologies for diagnostics.Thai specialists show high hospitality and welcoming - as befits the citizens of a state that deserves the name “land of smiles”, they cordially welcome patients, like dear guests. Here you will find a friendly and attentive attitude. Many institutions there specialize in receiving foreigners. Excellent level of treatment in Thailand, combined with affordable prices, makes this state extremely appealing for people who need therapies. Plenty of clinics are internationally approved by JCI.

Benefits of medical treatment in Thailand

  1. Excellent level of service. Thai establishments provide all amenities.
  2. Experienced doctors with international diplomas. Thailand’s institutions offer more and more new treatment methods and employ the best specialists with vast expertise. Hundreds of them are accredited by American Association. Medical treatments in Thailand successfully combine Eastern and innovative Western methods: it allows you to get assistance even in the most difficult cases.
  3. Easy entry to the territory of the state. You can stay there for up to 1 month if you have a foreign passport. You can also apply for a visa upon arrival if persons seek for such services.
  4. Compliance with global guidelines. Equipment, conditions, service range and amenities in the ward comply with norms accepted in the global clinical community.
  5. Digitalization. On the clinic’s website, you can check the physicians’ certification, experience and qualifications.

Medical services in Thailand

Bulk of surgery in Thailand are carried out in clinics in Bangkok. In particular, Thai physicians are first-class specialists in oncilogy, dental surgery, heart surgical interventions, drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation. All operations are performed as soon as possible, so there are simply no queues for examination and operations in Thai clinics. The country has excellent conditions for recreation, therapies and rehabilitation.

Top Thai clinics

  1. Buddhachinaraj Phitsanulok - the main clinic in the province of the same name.
  2. Samitivej Sukhumvit. The clinic is JCI approved and has received numerous awards including Clinic of the Year 2020 and Best Corporate Hospital Award 2019.
  3. Bangpakok 9 is a multidisciplinary and one of top Bangkok clinics. Ramathibodi. It has JCI approbation.
  4. A multidisciplinary clinic with a wide choice of departments, which is accredited by the Thai Consortium Board in accordance with the WFME Global Standards for Excellence.
  5. Rajaviti. The institution has many departments of different profiles and is considered the largest clinic in the system of the Thai Health Ministry with 70 years of experience serving both residents and foreigners.

Cost of medical treatment in Thailand

Costs of Thai treatment are 40% less Europe offers and 70% lower than in America. Most Thai clinics offer a special package of services, which allows patients to save money.If we talk about choosing a place of residence for period of therapies and rehabilitation, this state provides a wide variety of hotels and hostels for every taste and budget. Many establishments also offer places for accompanying persons who come with patients, in particular relatives or other persons.

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