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Treatment in India

In several past years, 500,000+ people turned to Indian clinics for help. This indicator was achieved thanks to continued growth of properties of medical treatment in India, combined with low costs.

Medical tourism in India

Today, many private institutions in India offer well-developed infrastructure and international services’ grade. Simultaneously, the cost of procedures and other things there is an order of magnitude lower other states can offer. JCI Commission awarded its accreditation to 36 establishments in India: for therapies qualities, general services level, for great competence and professionalism, and modern technological solutions and equipment.
  1. Indian clinics have implemented and actively implement CyberKnife and IMRT/IGRT, as well as other innovative devices for robotic surgical manipulations, radio-therapy and radiobeam surgical interventions.
  2. Improved visa policies, which has made therapy more allowable for foreigners.

Types of medical treatment in India

Tourists mainly apply for next-mentioned treatment in India: People from European states and USA get to India for procedures that are not covered by insurance in their home.

Cancer treatment in India

Indian experts concentrate on development and implementation of efficient tequinics of cancer therapies. Private institutions have progressive PET-CTs, radio-therapy machines, HIPEC, TrueBeam, Da Vinci robotic surgery apparatus, etc.Therapies of oncological ailments are carried out in accordance with international guidelines. Some clinics are in close cooperation with leading establishments in US. For each person to get accurate medical appointments at the best hospitals in India, an interdisciplinary council is organized, which is attended by physicians of various specialties.
  1. Innovative IBM Watson AI system has been implemented at Manipal hospital since 2016. It’s capable of processing 15 mln pages of patient analysis information in order to provide effective solutions for future therapy.
  2. Manipal is a partner of Minnesota University for development of bone marrow transplantation methods.
  3. BLK Hospital has status of top cancer establishment locally. There’s the largest bone marrow transplant division in the state, Cancer Therapy Unit and Oncologists Council.
India offers quality therapy for liver diseases. Medical treatments in India use innovative methods being able to fight severe cases and pathologies’ forms. The country has the status of a top medical community in liver transplantation. People with cirrhosis, progressive forms of fibrosis, liver failure - pathologies that require organ replacement turn to Indian specialists. Five-year survival ratio for transplantation operations is 78%.

Cost of medical treatment in India

Medical treatment cost in India differs significantly from the prices offered in Germany, clinics in Israel and Turkish establishments. Therapies of oncological diseases and recovery programs in this country are about 10 times lower. Total costs of therapy programs in India are 15-20% lower Western states offer.Liver ailments therapies are cheaper when compared with European countries. It applies to both therapeutic programs and organ transplants operations.

Top hospitals in India

  1. BLK Hospital.
  2. Manipal Group.
  3. Fortis.
  4. Gleneagles Global in Chennai.
First three establishments received NABH and JCI certification. Latter institution is the top organ transplant division locally. Additionally to high-qualitative treatment options at best hospitals in India and global recognition, they also got professional awards. Gleneagles, among other things, cooperates with Medical College of London at Queen’s University.

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