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Treatment in Czech Republic

Czech clinics are well-known abroad. People fly from everywhere to get high-quality treatment in Czech. This sector is full of innovations, the latest therapeutic methods, and the technical possibilities for their implementation. Some establishments are JCI accredited.

Medical tourism in the Czech Republic

Health industry in Czech is characterized by constant development and the desire to achieve better outcomes in the search for effective therapeutic methods. Active developments are being carried out in the biochemical industry, as well as innovative drugs for the treatment of serious diseases are being introduced. Biomedical engineers are exploring new ways to create and transplant artificial organs.The main activities of doctors in the state are next-mentioned: Czech institutions are a combination of effective therapy, professional doctors and the latest appliances.

Benefits of Czech Republic for therapy and rehab

Physicians have improved atrial fibrillation therapeutic methods. They suggested inserting microfilters in arteries, which made it possible to timely prevent the occurrence of blood clots being risky for normal bloodflow.Surgery in the Czech Republic actively uses innovative developments, in particular, CyberKnife systems.

Cancer treatment in Czech Republic

Several cancer centers accepting foreigners work locally. Experts explore implementation of novative medications destroying cancer. Immuno-therapy is extensively prescribed. One of the greatly-developed specializations of Czech doctors is pediatric oncological shere. According to general data, survival rate for children equals 83%.A special advantage of undergoing therapy in Czech is also people are offered with full rehab in local resorts. Mild climate, thermal and mineral springs, clean mountain air - it seems that Czech was created in order to give health. That is why therapies and recovery are one of the main tourist niches there. There’re SPA-hotels and sanatoriums at Czech clinical and recreational establishments, where comprehensive examination is carried out and recovery programs are prescribed.The following sanatorium directions are practiced in frames of medical tourism in Czech.
  1. Climate in general, as well as thermal springs, mud, gas injections act as the main means of treatment.
  2. In addition to traditional means, electrotherapy and magnetic methods of influence are added.
  3. Unconventional approach. Experienced specialists practice oriental techniques, conduct massages, and yoga classes.
  4. Active rest in combination with walks, relaxation and anti-stress sessions have a beneficial effect on overall well-being.
Czech has many specialized resorts.
  1. Therapy in Karlovy Vary is recommended for people with ailments affecting nervous system, metabolic disorders, and oncological pathologies (Ruze, Astoria, Olympia).
  2. The resort of Marianske Lazne (Flora, Bohemia, Esplanade) specializes in the treatment of gynecological, urological and digestive tract diseases. The same resort offers assistance in the treatment of respiratory ailments, metabolic disorders.
  3. Treatment of musculoskeletal system disorders is carried out in many resorts: Darkov, Karlovy Vary, Podebrady, Jachymov.
Even a short stay and therapy in Czech will give you a whole lot of impressions. Walks in picturesque places, acquaintance with the unique architecture and history of the country, culinary surprises, mineral springs - everything is brought together here, without which a good rest is not conceivable with acceptable medicine.

Cost of medical treatment in the Czech Republic

Local establishments are very famous and demonstrate only a perfect image thanks to great therapy effectiveness combined with good prices.Costs of treatment in Czech are 30-40% less than those offered in France or Germany. General consultation with a specialist is 200+ euros, which is significantly lower than in some European hospitals.

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